Something extraordinary happened on the 16th of November 2017
The founder of Learning from Excellence who is also a consultant pediatrician, a son, a husband and
a father came up to me at 11.55am and quietly asked me:-
“How do you want me to introduce you?”
For 15 years I have responded to this question with some kind of story about my role, my status, the
work I have done and my achievements.
On this occasion I said –
“Just speak from the heart Adrian”
The speaker before me finished his inspirational presentation and Adrian slowly walked onto the
stage – for a moment he seemed uncertain and then he said this:-
“5 minutes ago I asked Andy Bradley how he would like to be introduced and he said that I should just
speak from the heart”
…then Adrian paused, looked out at the sea of faces and said:-
“I Love You”
“I really do”
“I love you”
And then he said to turn to the person next to you and tell them that you love them.
And so it began.
The new chapter in our collective healthcare story began when a doctor opened his heart and spoke
the truth and then had the courage and loving presence to invite 400 people from the healthcare
tribe to do the same.
We are seeing a paradigm shift from fear and death to one of love and life.
Is it safe for you to speak of love where you work?
You Matter!
I love you!
Adrian loves you.
Your colleagues, patients, families love you.
Please know that you are loved.
And love them all back.