Compassion Circles

For Humans that want to create a Compassionate Community
where they are.

Compassion Circles are
a Highly Structured Technique
to Create a Richer, Shared
Human Community Experience

Compassion Circles are designed to shift teams, organizations, and communities.

From delivering transactions to GROWING RELATIONSHIPS.
From exclusion to INCLUSION.
From isolated individuals to GROUP COHESION.
From feeling alone to FEELING TOGETHER.
From “I don’t care” to EVERYONE NEEDS CARE.
From “I don’t matter” to EVERYONE MATTERS.
From frustration and block to COMPASSIONATE FLOW.

Compassion Circles ask and answer 2 questions:

What is preventing the flow of compassion?

What will enable the flow of compassion? 

There are 3 basic directions to this flow:

Self to Self
Self to Other
Other to Self

By working together on these directions, Compassion can be released into the community.

This requires:

Space for Contemplation
Structured Listening
Heartfelt Curiosity
Authentic Appreciation
Caring Hosting
Skilled Facilitation

Those are the components of a Compassion Circle.
Each one takes an 1 hour and can be adapted for different audiences.

We have seen that Compassion Circles
increase self-care, team cohesion, appreciation,
and help people connect with their deeper core values, together.

Compassion Circles First Took Root 11 Years Ago.

Compassion Circles in their current form
have successfully created Compassionate Communities
in the Health and Social Care Space
for over 3 Years.

We believe in the power of Compassion to connect,
enhance, and enliven any space of human interaction.

We are excited to share this tool with more individuals
from all walks of life that are interesting in testing
Compassion Circles in their own settings.

Professor Paul Gilbert

This Work Has Been Heavily Influenced by Professor Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert is a British clinical psychologist. Gilbert is the founder of compassion focused therapy (CFT), compassionate mind training (CMT), author of books such as The Compassionate Mind: A New Approach to Life’s Challenges, and Founder of the Compassionate Mind Foundation.

Gilbert’s work has shown that healthy humans have a fundamental need for safe, reflective space.

He has shown, as have others, that when we feel persistently pressured, threatened, and overwhelmed then our ability to take care of ourselves and each other is compromised, and in some cases non-existent.

Our “normal” modes of interaction are blocking the flow of compassion. We need new modalities.

We saw this in our work. So we created Compassion Circles.

They are designed and tested specifically to create the safe interactive space for compassion to flow. We see that this space also enhances self-care, team cohesion, appreciation, and helps people connect with their core values.

We asked Compassion Circle Participants how Transformational this tool is on a scale of 1 to 10.


100% of participants rated Compassion Circles a 7 or higher
in transformational quality.

66% of participants rated Compassion Circles a 9 or a 10.

“I felt comfortable being in a group of people that believe compassion should run through the veins of everything we do, it was a calm and comforting set up.”
“I think we need all to be kinder and understanding to each other in the work place. I would not normally have had the privilege to spend time with individuals in the group, and I was amazed at how comfortable and relaxed I felt with those present in a very short space of time.”
“I liked the group of staff who took part in the circle and appreciated the openness and honesty of each individual. I personally found it reassuring to know that other people felt the same way and shared some of the same experiences that I had.”


Compassion Circle Workshop

We invite you and up to 11 people in your team to book a 3-hour workshop in which you:

  • Understand the background to Compassion Circles and other unique dialogue methods
  • Learn the research which informs this approach
  • Experience the Compassion Circle process first hand
  • Provide yourself with the safe, contemplative space humans need to thrive
  • Connect with yourself and the other participants in a way that enhances trust, cohesion, and appreciation together
  • Created focused, active solutions you can do to increase the flow of Compassion in the 3 main directions
  • Collectively uncover how Compassion Circles could be of continued service in your context

This workshop is £900 (VAT incl.).
If you are a charity this workshop is £750 (VAT incl.).

Please input your contact details below. Then we’ll reach out to you, get your questions answers, and see if this is a fit for you.

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