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Joining together to make the world a kinder place by caring for ourselves,
each other and the planet.

 Cardboard Wisdom – Feel the force!

Our systems are designed around scarcity and fear. Health and Social Care, Education, Criminal Justice and Business. We are wedded to the idea that everything can be contained, measured and pinned down.
Being human is messy and difficult. We are tribal.
Our brains are tricky – we have reptilian and mammalian wiring. We are easily triggered into fear.
We feel shame and we compare ourselves to each other.
We over identify with our thoughts and we under identify with our feelings.
Our power lies in a shift from fear to love, from closed to open, from cold to warm.
From providing services to evolving connected inclusive balanced communities.
From I think, therefore I am, to we are therefore we feel
The era of compassion.

We are thinking about Careployment and Care Valleys. Healthy Neighbourhoods. Compassionate Cities. A kinder world. Silicon valley powered the digital revolution – now we are beginning to understand how to power the care evolution.
The politics of small things – of meeting as equals and celebrating our differences.
We all matter
We have the power to create a new story of care.
We are all ordinary people with extra-ordinary potential.
Here comes everyone.

Evolve Your Organization to Truly Support You,

Your People, and Your Impact

We are all humans. We are all in this together. Let’s make it count.

Send us your 2020 Vision. Or if you prefer simply start a conversation about what interests you:

We embrace change starting with ourselves.
Our new website will open soon to better match our 2020 Vision.

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How We Help You

We see you and your organization leading the way to re-humanize, enliven, and model the new definition of success. 

We see you moving leaders from overwhelm to calm.
We see you moving individuals from stressed to supported.
We see you moving culture from fragmentation to connection.
We see you moving your organization from straining to flourishing.

This is how you can inspire sustainable impact and growth. 

This is the vision we live to help you create. This is why we have invented, tested, and honed our frameworks for over 11 years. 

We do:
The Human Needs Inquiry
Compassionate Facilitation
Relational Intelligence
Organizational Resilience
Human Engagement

We work with emotionally savvy, compassionate, purposeful leaders and organizations to embrace positive change and achieve something far greater than than any of us can achieve alone. 

Our actions, decisions, and systems are actually perfectly designed for the outcomes they are creating right now.

Are you creating the outcomes you want?

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Our Founder, Andy Bradley, is named by NESTA as one of Britain's 50 New Radicals

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